Dejounte Murray Manifests Being A NBA All Star

In 2015 Murray tweeted, “I Want To Play In A NBA ALL STAR GAME One Day.” Just 7 years later he was able to make his dream a reality. When it was announced that he would be an all star, replacing Draymond. After getting the news, he reflected on past struggles, an injury, and the opportunity the San Antonio Spurs gave him.

This is an exciting time for Murray’s career. He is performing at his best this season averaging 19 points, 8 rebounds, and 9 assists per game. He has a lot to be proud of and others are proud of him too. Check out the congratulations Isaiah Thomas sent via Twitter.

“Congrats killa @DejounteMurray well deserved fam! Only a few of us from the trenches with that All Star right next to your name… Keep going bro 🏁”

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