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Liangelo Ball’s Journey To The NBA is Like A Movie…


Liangelo Ball has been overshadowed by his brothers, Lonzo and LaMelo Ball. Both of his siblings were drafted to a NBA team in the first round. However, Liangelo wasn’t so lucky. Here’s an overview of his journey to secure a position in the National Basketball Association (NBA).

He was known for his sharp shooting ability behind the three-point line during his time at Chino Hills High School. During this time he signed a letter of intent with the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) Bruins; however, he only played one preseason game with this team before his path changed. He was arrested in China for stealing out of a Louis Vuitton store. Once free, he withdrew from the university and prepared for the NBA draft. Needless to say, he went undrafted, despite the cheers of “we want Gelo” from basketball fans. Yet, he didn’t stop. He moved overseas to play basketball in Lithuania with his younger brother, LaMelo.

With limited success and high frustration, his father, Lavar Ball, formed his own league called the Junior Basketball Association (JBA). It was during this time that Liangelo was able to win a championship. However, it was not enough to keep him locked into a roster with the G-League’s Oklahoma City Blue or the NBA’s Detroit Pistons. After all of these moves, Liangelo has finally landed a secure position with the Greensboro Swarm even though he’s not getting the play time fans believe he deserves. Now, all eyes are shifting to the Chicago Bulls and Charlotte Hornets to see if they will give him a chance in the NBA.

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