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Dunk Contest Disaster Headlined NBA’s All Star Weekend


The dunk contest is a huge event during the NBA All Star Weekend. This is the time where folks are amazed by awesome dunks from players like Aaron Gordon and Vince Carter. However, something just wasn’t right this year. The contest was sloppy and boring. For example, Cole Anthony dunked in Timberlands after dancing around awkwardly. But, he should have left the Tims on because he could not nail the rest of his dunks. 

That basically was the story of the night. All of the participants seemed to struggle to put on a show and actually make the dunks. So, it was deemed boring. We saw Lil Baby glued to his phone instead of enjoying the show while Jalen Green performanced. Retired NBA superstars were not impressed as Shaq became a meme for his facial expressions, and Dwayne Wade verbalized that he rated the entire contest a six. Ouch! 

So, NBA fans were disappointed. Some people began posting videos of previous dunk contests while others posted things they could have done instead of waste their time watching the contest. 

However, let’s not take away from Obi Toppin who was ultimately the champion of the showdown. To be honest, it felt like a rising stars dunk contest. Where were the NBA All Stars? LeBron James, Zach LaVine, and even LaMelo Ball. They could have even pulled in guys from the G-League or Candace Parker of the WNBA. To close, the NBA has to do better.

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