G-League Showcase: Andre Ingram

Andre Ingram is a guard for the South Bay Lakers. He’s been in the NBA’s G-League since 2007. With over 10 years of experience, he has played over 450 games for the G-League. This makes him an all-time league leader for total number of games played. As such, he ranks high in many areas:

  • #1 in three pointers made
  • #3 in points scored
  • #3 in defensive rebounds
  • #4 in steals

His offensive ability is legit, and he’s made over 800 three pointers during his career. Ingram is the Stephen Curry of the G-League. However, his skill set did not transfer during his short time playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. With this organization, he played 6 games over 2 seasons where he averaged 4 points per game. Yet, he’s found his home in the G-League where he can be successful and still play the game he loves.

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