Lakers Blown Out By Pelicans

Another game. Another loss. The New Orleans Pelicans blew out the Los Angeles Lakers by 28 points, and the final score was 123 to 95. LeBron did what he could and scored 32 points. But, I can’t say the same about his teammates. No one else score above 20 points to give LeBron some much needed help. The only significant player was Dwight Howard who grabbed 11 rebounds.

The Pelicans outscored the Lakers in every quarter except the 4th. However, the game was won during the 3rd quarter as the Pelicans scored 44 points while the Lakers only put up 25. CJ McCollum, Jonas, and Brandon Ingram were leaders for the Pelicans organization.

The Lakers were boo’d by their fans all night. Russell Westbrook took the Omarion approach and said they can go home if they didn’t like how things were going. However, the fans were able to get under LeBron James and Trevor Ariza skin as they argued with fans. Needless to say, it was another disappointing night for Laker nation.

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